Thanks for the compliment!!!


Comments from people we DIDN'T PAY to say this stuff:

"The stuff that Bulldog has the audacity to ask is pretty damn creative... This book may also become a collector’s item once one of these wrestling personalities strangles the life out of Bulldog after getting Punk’d out."
-- Derek Burgan, Pro Wrestling Torch
"Bulldog manages to write some very funny letters and get even funnier responses from some of pro wrestling's biggest names. The fun part of the book is that he does it without a hint of nastiness, generally refusing to get into any insulting exchanges with his targets... Bulldog's strength is in making up people and events and making them funny."
-- Dave Hillhouse, SLAM! Wrestling
"To be honest, I don't know how this guys hasn't been sued... There are a couple of funny constants... he misspells all of their names. That's rather comical to me."
-- Chris Cash,
"You have tons and tons of PROVEN gOOdness, finally collected all in one place. And you have tons of NEW gOOdness that you've never seen before, but which I'm vouching for. Why wouldn't you Buy The Book? Huh? Why not?"
-- Rick Scaia, Online Onslaught

"This book is so freaking hilarious i dont even know what to say. It should be REQUIRED READING for wrestling fans."
-- ITR reader Cidsoft
"I can't stop laughing my ass off! This is the funniest book ever! EVER! Cartoons rock. You should be nominated for an award."
-- ITR reader Jay
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